Alzheimer's Care


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Alzheimer’s Care

For a family member who is having Alzheimer’s disease, and caring for them can be pretty devastating. We at Alzheimer’s Care Henderson, have a better understanding of this affliction than anyone. With our custom-made services, your loved ones can have the means to be taken care of as they age in place on account of dementia.

We will provide assistance for your loved ones, so they can live more comfortably especially in the late stages of the disease. As the disease progresses, a lot of challenges will be faced by your loved ones. Confusion and the loss of time and space, or even identity will settle in, making it hard for both the patient and the primary caregiver. As your loved ones grow old in place, the more secured and comfortable they will be, as they know their environment. Alzheimer’s Care Henderson will give loving and compassionate care for your loved ones, to be at ease as they age in place.

Our service provides a much-needed respite for the primary caregiver because caring for someone with Alzheimer’s demands an amazing skill set with love and compassion. In the late stages, struggles are more evident emotionally, and physically.

With our assistance, caring for your loved one can be light as a feather. You will never have to experience burnout, and you will have to more time on other important matters. As you return, you can be more efficient with your work and will have a more positive outcome in taking care of your loved one.

Henderson Alzheimer’s home care and Henderson dementia home care

Poper care is to place reliance on skilled care workers with expertise in the care plan. As you know, Alzheimer’s disease is a branch of disease of dementia in the late stages associated with memory impairment. In addition, there are episodes of memory loss and forgetfulness, and turn can transform a person’s personality, as well the state of well-being.

Our complete plans are suited to address this kind of situation. We complement the ones who will receive the caregivers whose knowledge and experience are second to none. We make sure that their needs are very much attended to. We also provide short and long-term care. With Alzheimer’s Care Henderson your loved ones can get the needed care with a variety of tasks and activities that include:

  • Surveillance and companionship
  • To prevent moving about without a fixed course
  • Dealing with the situation when confusion, anxiety, and fear kick in
  • Chaperone
  • To remind to the adherence of medication
  • Assitance with the overall hygiene
  • Assisting with mobility and transfers
  • Light housekeeping chores
  • Putting up safety rails in the bathroom and toilet area
  • Safe-proofing the entire house

Getting ready for Alzheimer’s Care Henderson

Talking about the care for Alzheimer’s disease can be difficult for the entire family. Looking for the right care provider can be an arduous task. We’ll make sure this process goes smoothly for you and the whole family.

When you inquire about in-home care, we start with the consultation phase which is free of charge. In this way, it allows us to get to know your loved ones in-depth situation in great detail, with the symptoms they are showing. We are going to assess the history as well as the current situation, and we will identify what care is to be given. Of course, we are going to answer every question that you might have.

From there we will systematically build a plan of care in coordination with you. So that the plan of care can be adjusted according to your needs.


Are you ready to start the process of caring for your loved one? Call Alzheimer’s Care Henderson today.