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Knowing what personal assistant care is

A support worker wherein help out the elderly in their homes. The care provided will be depending on the needed care or assistance, which would vary from days to weeks.

Personal Assistant Carer in Henderson

To ensure that quality of care is given, we are of course capable of handling their special needs. A personal care assistant makes the client’s well-being a priority and will show a caring approach.

Growing old can bring about changes, and these changes greatly affect individuals with regard to physical activities. Not only that, but growing old can also affect the overall mental well-being, such as dementia, or any afflictions that may affect the cognitive process.

Truthfully speaking, not being able to do the activities of daily living, can be devasting to the elderly. It can greatly impact their independence as well as the feeling of anxiety and depression. Here at Personal Assistant Carer in Henderson, we fill in those gaps and foster friendship along the way.

Personal Care in Henderson

Our in-home staff can provide aide to support the activities of daily living (ADL). We focus the care on the following:

  1. Grooming. Looking good makes you feel good. Knowing that you don’t look good can greatly affect how you feel about your appearance. A great personal carer can greatly help in this situation.
  2. Bathing and hygiene. For the well-being of the elderly, maintaining good personal hygiene is good for their health. Helping them with bathing is part of personal care, starting from sponge baths for seniors who are having mobility problems. Keeping an eye to ensure safety as they bathe or shower. Other than that, Personal Assistant Carer in Henderson can help out with numerous personal-hygiene related situations like brushing the teeth, and skincare.
  3. Mobility. In such cases, seniors who have problems with mobility are the ones who are most likely to have accidents. That is why we always make sure to assist them when the situation calls for it. In addition, we make sure to engage them in light exercises to make sure their joints are suited for mobility.
  4. Eating or feeding. When it is deemed necessary, a personal carer can help in preparing meals, and feed the elderly depending on the situation that can still preserve the individual’s dignity.
  5. Toiletry. Paying attention to the everyday toilet needs or giving continence care is important. It can vary from supervision up to assist in the toiletry needs of the elderly. In the cases of incontinence, our staff will handle the situation while maintaining sanitation. Henderson PersonalCaring will ensure that these situations are approached in a dignified manner.
  6. Dressing. Putting on clothes is an integral part of life. Getting dressed, or undressing can be problematic for some seniors, as they pose safety concerns. Going about this routine with assistance is an important part of in-home service.

Personal Assistant carer traits

Anyone can take care of people particularly the elderly. The following are the important criteria that a personal carer must possess.

  • Responsible. Is someone who must meet a task or be liable for any actions done.
  • Honest. They never take advantage of the people in the midst of their condition.
  • Respectful. They treat people with much dignity regardless of age.
  • Patient. Older adults are sluggish and would take some time to accomplish a task. A personal assistant carer must take into consideration their pace.
  • Adaptable. A good personal carer must know how to approach an individual’s needs. Above all things every individual is unique.

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