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Relaxation Yoga Henderson

As we grow older, we just want to put our feet down and enjoy the remaining days ahead of us. It’s not a bad thing to do, however, in doing so our lives tend to gravitate towards the sedentary lifestyle. Joints start to tense up, muscles begin to shrink, and other conditions will start to swell up. Here at Relaxation Yoga Henderson, we have what you need. Yoga has become popular recently, particularly in older adults because of the relaxation therapy workout it provides in contrast with exercises that are weight-bearing in nature.

Getting started with yoga

As always, before getting started, we always have to evaluate our clients so they know what they are getting into. Here are some tips we always mention:

  • Assessment of the physical condition. While others are have already started doing yoga, it’s worth mentioning that some movements or poses are to be consulted with your physician. For example for seniors with glaucoma, some poses are contraindicated especially for head movements, as they may cause intracranial pressure.
  • The proper gear. You need clothes that are breathable. Well-fitted clothes are needed because of the much-needed stretching in yoga. Plus, your shirt won’t have to go all the way up to your head as you bend down. As for the footwear, it doesn’t have to be anything specific so as long you don’t slip. Finally, a yoga mat is required because apparently sweating makes your body sticky and you are prone to slip. A yoga mat prevents all of those things from happening.
  • Finding the right trainer. Our instructors here at Relaxation Yoga Henderson well equipped for such situations. They know how to anticipate the pace of each client. before the session would start, the trainer would conduct initial assessments to the clients if they have medical conditions that can limit their movements.
  • Start at your own pace. Honestly speaking, not everyone has the same flexibility capacity. For example, if you want to bend over and touch your toes, start by placing your hands on your thighs. From there gently breathe as you advance further. You don’t want to strain your muscles too much, rest as much as you can. If you think that the poses or positions are challenging for you, then our instructors can modify them to benefit your needs.

Benefits of yoga for the elderly

Yoga fosters the growth of the mind and body, with the combination of various stretches, and deep breathing patterns. RelaxationYoga in Henderson is safe for the elderly, it is a marvelous way to keep the mind and body strong.

  • Balance. The various yoga poses are aimed to strengthen the abdominal core. Thus, improving the body’s equilibrium, and reduce the risk of a fall injury.
  • Better flexibility. Yoga maneuvers are excellent for seniors. As they stretch and hold positions accompanied by controlled breathing, muscles, and connective tissues become more fluid, making seniors have more range of motion.
  • Maximum lung capacity. Through controlled breathing, the lungs are stretched to their limit and improving pulmonary function. Recent studies show that elderly people who do yoga frequently for a specific duration, have had drastic improvements in their respiratory function.
  • Stronger bones. Doing yoga consistently with weight-bearing positions can greatly make the bones stronger. This is very ideal for seniors who have osteoporosis.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress. As mentioned earlier, yoga is a relaxation therapy that promotes focus on the mind and body. Meaning the body finds inner peace, thus affecting the entire self. It is also through yoga that depression symptoms are lessened, as the brain releases chemicals through our body.


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